Lyron Bensoussan

Kazan 5 - Raanana - (058) 783-2877 -


Lyron Bensoussan, 22, married and dad of a little girl.
I immigrated to Israel, from France in 2014, after obtaining my baccalaureate exams.
In Israel, I studied 16 months, business management.
During this time, to pay for my studies, I worked as a waiter.
In 2016, I bought a coffee shop "CAFE BEN'S" in Ra'anana, which I managed 14 months and then resold.
In 2017, I was recruited by Visa Cal, as a membership card seller.
Also, in the evening, I did a web programmer training in the famous HACKER-U center.
I finished it successfully in February 2019.
I like working and practicing what I studied.
I like to learn from anyone who wants to teach me.
I am loyal and will do everything to satisfy the society that will give me my chance and lead me to success.


Landing Page

Technologies: html, css, bootstrap 4, jQuery, ajax,php oop, mysql

A responsive landing page using bootstrap 4, Front side and server side validations, Leading to a thanks

Link to project: Landing Page

Blog Site

Technologies: html, css, bootstrap 4, jQuery, php (native), mysql

A responsive blog, Secured, With sign in and sign up system (native),
Allow users to save/edit/delete posts and more...

Link to project: blog site

e-commerce site

Technologies: html, css, bootstrap 4, jQuery, php oop (mvc), Laravel, mysql

My final project, Using laravel framework mvc (php),
A real world e-commerce site with add to cart, checkout page,
Custom made cms (Content Management System).

Link to project: final project

crm (customer relationship management)

Technologies: html, css, bootstrap 4, js es6, Typescript, Angular, Firebase (firestore)

A real world crm using angular 6 and firebase real time database,
With secured sign in and crud operations.

Link to project: angular crm


Alya & Oulpan

Learn & adapation
I did my alya and I signed up for a oulpan intensive year and also to enter the professional world israelien I am a waiter in a restaurant to develop me more quickly
September 2014 - November 2015


Cafe Bens
I worked directly after my oulpan and his help in my integration to israeli society, I make a restaurant at Raanana , I worked here 1 year and half , I would manage three employees and and I sold my restaurant after a year and a half triple the amount I had invested .
December 2015 - September 2017

Visa Cal

Seller at Visa Cal
in parallel of my studies I worked for visa cal, I sold credit cards for them in the supermarkets and I learned aggressive selling for 1 year and a half .
September 2017 -


HackerU Ramat Gan

Full stack developper
Web Development
October 2017 - February 2019x

Mihlala Netanya NAC

Integration & New life
September 2014 - November 2015


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing ; Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development


I am passionate about football, technology and my family.
What excites me the most in high tech is the notion of being able to create what you want from nothing, everything is possible and every dream is achievable.
I am a young married and father of a little girl, I want to create experience to grow and then realize all my dreams .

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